the legendary Polysubbass is now available for your instruments!

for over 25 years, only Paradis guitars like Avalon had this unique seamless clean low bass sound…
…then 2016 it became available for the Godin Multiac SA/ACS/Spectrum/Jazz (plug and play)…
…then we made a version for the Yamaha Silent SLG100-130…
… and now with the Shield and SliderModule, we can install it into any instrument!

a laptop or mobile phone cannot show the Polybass effect because it works in a frequency range that they do not reproduce.
please listen to the following samples on big speakers or head phone!
more about its amplification needs and acoustics background here.

Polybass is a radical rework of the legendary Polysubbass

now designed for low power 9V battery supply in any guitar. a bass line follows your playing, totally integrated,
controlled by the lowest slider (synth vol control).
its analog, we do not even talk about tracking: how ever you play, it never creates a wrong note.

Priority function

only the lowest string you play becomes audible, so there is no bass mud or roaring, just one lower octave bass line.

adjustable volume for each string

 the RMC pickup is amazingly balanced, other pickups need correction. it can be helpful to adapt the string volumes to playing style, to string characteristics, to musical intentions… from outside with a little screwdriver, boosting the weak strings…

new low noise preamp

less noise and slightly smoother attack… due 7 discrete FET preamp’s with much higher input impedance than the original…

easy exchange without soldering

unscrew, unplug, cut 2 wires, insert, replug, play

new back plate

3mm smoked plexi with logo and holes for adjustment…

color rubber caps for the sliders

colors help to remember and rubber is smoother to operate

for further details get this manual

Polybass is the only real Polyphonic

while its certainly easier to use a mono pedal octave effect like Mutron, Boss OC3, OC4, OC5, Electroharmonix Bass, EMS Octobass and they do an amazing job, we are not afraid of the comparison, because they will never work as precise as a one octaver per string!
Boss created a setting Poly which imitates our sound. to some degree…

Roland GK compatible equipment

Roland started building the first Hex-Guitar equipment the same year Paradis was founded and also kept developing GK and COSM since then, but did not copy our ideas. so you can get some amazing bass sounds from their synths, but non of them has the priority function.  SWITZERLAND