installation into Godin Multiac

Polybass octaves each string separately, thats why it works so accurately.
the Godin Multiac SD has a hexaphonic RMC pick-up.
thats why we made the board so it fits perfectly into that guitar (and possibly other RMC products).
if you have a screw driver and can strip a wire, you can install it.
the lowest slider provided to control the Synth Volume ends up controlling the bass effect….

1 unscrew black plastic on the back side of the control faders (4 black screws)

2 unscrew board (4 metallic screws with plastic washers)

3 cut the red and the black wire about 2cm from the board

4 pull board to disconnect it from lower board

5 disconnect 14pin flat cable connector from it

6 plug the 14pin flat cable into the same position on the new Paradis board (its possible to connect off by one pin!)

7 position the board by the screw holes and then gently press it down in the correct position

8 strip about 3mm insulation from the wires

9 insert wires to the cream colored receptacle, while pressuring its little levers: red to + and black to – .

10 verify the wires are correctly inserted by pushing them a little

11 Play! the lowest fader which can control a Roland synth volume now controls the volume of the Polybass effect.

12 if it does not work, jump to Trouble Shooting below

13 verify the volume of each string. if you feel they are unbalanced, read on at Single String Adjust, below

14 screw the 4 metallic screws into the boards corners

15 install the new plexi back cover with the black screws

16 put the little plastic caps on the sliders, the colors help orientation (usually: bass=blue, treble=red …)


what can you do wrong? 

both connectors can be positioned off by one pin, but the first you can watch and the second you can control by the holes in the corner of the board. slightly press the gray platic to insert wire.

no sound at all:

set the amp to a low volume

pull the board but leave the wires connected

put the finger on X2pin7 (picture) – a hum should appear. if not, the 14pin connector is probably misplaced

verify that the power is coming from the batteries to the board by creating a quick short circuit between the legs of the cream wire receptacle. a loud clack should be audible. if not, verify point 8 and 9  SWITZERLAND